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Monday, October 03, 2005

More Monday Update

HI all! I was finally in to see Karl. He's off the tubes- yeah! No sign of coming home yet, I think he's being kept to gain strength and the morning tests will be the deciding factor each morning if he goes home. Anika had a great visit with him, she watched Clifford and Dragon tales- gave him lots of hugs and loves.
Karl was able to sit up in the couch and I was told he did some hall walking today which is a good sign. He doesn't have much of an appetite but we are working on it. The thrush and his throat is still pretty soar making it hard to each solids but he's trying his best. No more phosphates, just potassium right now and fluids because he is still trying to lose all the water he retained and also all his electrolytes are going out with it so they have to replenish. His legs are showing the signs of edema, all red and blotchy. He's itching from the fluids and rubbed the tops of his feet raw, so he's got socks and bandages on.
Mom said he ate a little bit of food today at lunch. I am hoping dinner will be better.

Well, I haven't been in yet to see Karl but I called and they are keeping him still in the ICU. He might get to come home tomorrow depending . Dr. Wyzinski wants him to stay to pump more phosphates and potassium in him. No word on another round of platelets for him. His swelling around his heart and lungs has gone down more but not completely normal. No word on the rest of his tests. He did supposedly eat breakfast this morning. I say supposedly because I haven't been able to gage if he's actually hungry or eating to get the tube out ;-) of his butt. See when his white cell count dropped, he cramped up and didn't feel like eating (we went through this before) nor did his stomach want food in it thus the tube.

Anika is going for a visit this afternoon after school because she misses him. Should be fun as he's a lot more talkative and able to read her stories etc.
Anyways, he's in high spirits and sounded disappointed that he wasn't going home today.


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