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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Anika's Visit

Well, we snuck Anika in between visiting hours today. She was very happy to see that daddy was ok and Nurse Karen let her help give him water and his medication. She also got to take his temperature. We picked out a balloon in the hosptial gift shop to bring him. She told me she was scared that daddy was going to die. So we explained to her and showed her the medicine he was getting and that being in the hospital will make him better. I am hoping that she's feeling better now that she got to see him.

Karl has started on the high fever cycle and Dr. Wyzinski has ordered demerol, benedryl and tylenol around the clock for him to keep the temperature down. So far his blood pressure is holding on and his kidney function is doing good. He's just very bloated and has a red/orange tint to his skin. He's floating in and out- but still has somewhat of an appetite. Pamela, Jacque and Bobby sent Frangos and I HAD to bring them to the hospital so he could nibble.
Previous ICU chemo treatments he lost his appetite right away and barely ate for the week.

Barring any blood pressure issues, he should be home on Friday.


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