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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Anticipating Monday

Well, luckily Dr. Wyzkinski was able to pull strings and got Karl into Presbyterian of Plano's ICU for chemo. Last time we did chemo rounds they were still building the chemotherapy floor and didn't accept patients. Karl explained what a struggle it was for Celine to commute to RHD every day when he was in there. Presby Plano is 15 minutes in traffic from the house. We were so relieved. Plus it's a new hospital with lots of benefits (Anika was born there).
All set to start, the post birthday bash at Cru went well, fun was had by all. Karl is busy finishing up last minute Verizon work, loading his iPod and spent some of his bday money on movies for the week.
I've been researching alternative medicines to boost Karl's cancer fighting cells. I bought a juicer and I am hoping the extra nutrition will help Karl bounce back faster from chemotherapy. Supposedly broccoli is really good cancer fighter but Karl hates broccoli. I think I can disguide it in liquid form for him. I also got a barrage of stuff at Whole Foods that will boost his nutritional intake. You can never be to healthy!


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