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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday Not Going Home Anytime Soon

Well, Karl had to have platelets today. His white cell count was low and they don't want to take any chances. On top of it he has thrush which happens when you have chemo or IL2 type therapy. It's making it hard for him to eat, swallow and talk. He needs to keep as much nutrients in him as possible to help him get better. Thank goodness we have the juicer at home now and I can bring in stuff for him as well as what they are giving him in the hospital. The pulminologist also said he still has some swelling around his heart/lungs from the treatment. It hasn't gone down completely and he WILL be kept in the hospital - nothing out of the ordinary. He is perky old self and actually threw some ice at me today because I was too vigorous in giving him some to chew on and he got some down his gown.
No idea when he's coming home but I bet he will be in there all week which puts me in a bind if he gets out on next Sat. Mom is going home on Wed because she's got to be out in KC to visit brother Ben's family. So I am hoping he jumps back quicker than expected. Here's to hope!

He's sleeping a little better without much medication and is alert and talkative/responsive. After I saw him last night around 8pm he had improved immensely. They got him some throat lozenges for the thrush and to help numb the soreness. He was able to eat some apple sauce and enjoyed my beta carotene boost that I made in the juicer with carrots and peppers. He was able to talk a lot better and his breathing/coughing was at a minimum.
He is getting phosphates and potassium via IV now, they want to make sure he jumps back to normal levels.
He's in great spirits and just wants to get well so he can come home.

For those TX friends and neighbors, he's available for visitors and is "with it" again as they have taken him off the heavy medications.
Visiting 12-2pm or 4-6pm or 8-10pm 2nd floor Presby Plano.

On a freak out note, there was two code blues in the ICU today... two rooms down from Karl. When I left the family didn't look to happy and there was a lot of family there. It always makes me so sad.


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