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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

M is for Morphine

Update from Wednesday... He's on oxygen, a kidney monitor and they have air massagers on his legs to prevent blood clots. So far he's going through the cycle of high fever and shakes for 30-45 minutes. It takes a big toll on his body and he's exhausted after, sleeps for a couple of hours and then repeats the whole cycle. The morphine is making him talk in his sleep and moan-fun for me. He's not remembering it and will wake up for 10-15 m in at a time to talk and pee. They took another chest xray today to make sure his veins aren't leaking out. He's in good spirits and got a couple of calls from friends last night and today.
Well...here's the patient. He's doing ok except that darn fever won't go away and they can't give him too much tylenol or it will mess with his liver so we are on Morphine (not in this picture).
He's drinking lots of water, no liver problems yet and blood pressure is still good. He gets the next dose tonight at midnight. I will know in the morning how it went.


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