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Friday, September 30, 2005

14 Doses is the Lucky Number

Well, Karl is ready to jump out of his skin...literally. He was very cranky today for the time he was awake because nothing seemed to give him any peace or comfort at ALL. Dr. Wyzinski came in at 5:00pm and Karl told him he felt like crap and nothing was helping. Plus I chimed in on the 105 fever and 103 during the day. So we got the demerol dosage upped and he can have ibuprofen also. So his fever shoots up now but drops down to 100 or so after the tylenol or ibuprofen kicks in- the demerol is also helping with the chills and shivering, it's not lasting as long or as bad. The bad part is he's not making much sense and is sleeping not so peacefully. I came back after dinner at 8pm and he had thrown up. Not sure why but he was fine and hadn't again when I left tonight. His levels are all fine expect for his phosphates which they are giving him phosmax every couple of hours to help that. He has developed a dry raspy cough from the oxygen drying out his sinuses that wakes him violently from sleep for a few minutes at a time.
Last dose will be at Midnight on Friday, we found out that he will be doing 14 doses- the average person can usually handle 8 to 11 doses of the Interluekin. He's just so healthy and his body is faring it so well that they are going for fourteen. Bummer for him because we thought the last one would be tonight... one more day.


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