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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursday...Only one more day of this

Well, Karl still kept the 105 fever but thank goodness his kidneys, blood pressure and other important levels are all doing good. He has uncontrollable itching in his legs and arms. He actually pulled out his oxygen in his sleep last night! He had a rough night of high fevers and shakes but right now seems to be a little better and asked for breakfast which is good. They are just about to give him another dose of the IL-2 so he will be zapped for most of the morning because of the shakes, demerol and benedryl. Anika is going to sneak in again today to see daddy- she made him some pumpkins out of foam last night with our neighbors-family in TX Jay and Julie. I hope I can time it right so he's feeling a little better and can visit with her.


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