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Saturday, October 01, 2005


Chest Xrays came back fine, they added some humidity to his oxygen and that has seemed to help immensely.
Well, Karl had another rough night complicated by bouts of diarrhea so much they put in an anal tube. He couldn't control it due to the demerol keeping him asleep and they couldn't keep changing the bedding on him every hour or half hour. He's still out of it and feeling the effects of the last treatment from midnight.

This is the fun (sarcasm) part of the week for me. He knows he's going home and is determined to get home as soon as possible which is fine we want him home. BUT because he still has demerol in his system he hallucinates and can't keep track of time/events. So this morning he already has tried to pull the tubes off his medi port and made a big old mess everywhere. Once we got that settled he pulled his blood pressure band and pulse detector off. I warned his nurse that he will be like this all day. They aren't going to restrain him unless he really tries to break free and run down the hall which he's never done.

One time last winter during ICU chemo he CALLED me at 1am persistently for me to pick up the phone. When I finally did he said "where are you? they are going to kick me out of the room and I don't have my clothes" I told him it was 1 am and he said no, it was 10am. I tried to reason with him and then got him to call the nurse. I found out the nurse had been in to check on him and told him he could probably go home in the morning. Sooo he got things all mixed up. ;-)
I am hoping he will get to come home tonight but with all the diarrhea who knows.

More later..


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