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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Going Home Sunday???

Well there is a problem, Karl had a bronchial infection, he's doing nebulizers to get the pleghm up and I am not too sure he's coming home anytime soon. He can't talk very well, is still on the tubes and unable to eat solids yet. His white cell count plummeted and that means they will probably keep him in for a couple more days. Hopefully it will be before Wednesday--he might be staying in the ICU as the hospital is full.

I came back today on Sat. at 1pm to find that Karl had been given a catheter on top of his butt tube. It seems he had been unable to pee and it's been like more than the alloted time- he filled the bag with 800 cc of urine! OW! I hope he doesn't develop a bladder infection. He was still really out of it, sort of responsive to questions but unable to stay away. His fever is down to 100 and he's sleeping off the demerol. Every time he would see me he would say "Ready to go home, do we have everything?" and then try to take off his leads. So I decided to go home for an afternoon of cookie baking with Anika and my mom. I feel like if I am there right now he will want to speed things up and he really needs to rest and get better. Dr. Wyzinski hadn't been in yet to see him but I know he won't be going home because the other specialist ordered labs for Sunday morning meaning he won't be signing Karl out until those labs are done and back.


  • I know you will all be much happier when Karl is home and Anika will be much relieved. Take it easy and keep the chins high!! Let us know if we can take Anika for an afternoon. Lisa

    By Blogger LisaK, at 8:57 AM  

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