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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Still in Hospital Still no IL2

Well, now it's a disagreement between Karl's cardiologist who did a high tech sonogram and Karl's flow is at 45% versus the antiquated MUGA 37% flow that the horrible oncologist on call did. Karl's Cardiologist told him they don't do the MUGA because it's inaccurate and there is newer real time technology that lets the doctors look at the heart as well as measure the flow and other things. DUH! That's what's so insane about this...we asked and begged and demanded that the oncologist on call call Karl's Cardiologist Monday night- he wouldn't. I am reporting him to the Texas Medical Board and on top of it raising hell at the oncology center on monday with a meeting and several written complaints.
The other issue at hand is that the oncologist on call refuses treatment until Karl is up to 50% now. We were told by his regular oncologist 40-45% is fine. Karl's cardiologist said that NO Cancer patient on his watch has ever been 50% during treatment. So to appease the arrogant oncologist on call Karl is moved to the med surg floor of the hospital and is having some medication to help boost his flow. Karl's Cardiologist was extremely annoyed with the oncologist on call so this morning he's running another test to back up the sonogram. He also told Karl that the MUGA was done improperly and the results are not accurate so they might rerun that also.

he's in room 684 if you want to talk to him since he's twiddling his fingers for yet another day.


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