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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

In the hospital with delays

Besides having a wonderful Christmas, our IL2 trip is not starting out well. Karl got to the hospital last night around 7pm only to find out our Oncologist had NOT written out the treatment orders for him. The oncologist on call demanded on some uneccessary tests to be run. I had it out with him in the hospital room- Karl and I both felt we were backed in a corner with no options by this doctor which was very frustrating. So Karl still hasn't gotten started on his IL2 as he has spent the morning having tests run. He called his cardiologist and the oncology center. We are trying to get this stopped so treatment can start soon. I HATE that doctors feel the need to CYA and this doctor has HORRIBLE bedside. Lovely.. he order a catheter for Karl on DAY1! what the fuck! The ICU nurses are smart enough not to do it, as they know Karl can do his urine collection without it. Thanks for making him even more uncomfortable!
My concern is that every hour he sits in there with nothing to do the more anxious he gets and thats not good.


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