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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tuesday Update

Karl is doing ok. He is getting IL2 at 5pm, 1am and 9am. Looks like we are in for the full gamut-10-14 doses. I will post more once I see him this morning.

Update on Karl, he's starting the side effects as usual. 103-104 temp, chills and bloating. He's eating solids and liquids, mostly jello. They started using the cooling blanket this afternoon which gave him some relief. He's looking at the catheter being inserted soon as his urine production is down. The also put the leg massagers on him so he doesn't get edema.

I had a talk with his kidney specialist as he wanted to watch the demerol dosage. Laura our nurse and I convinced the kidney specialist that if he gets rid of it, Karl will have seizures and that wasn't a very nice thing to do to him every 8 hours. Doc agreed so at least we still have the demerol. What a sadist! what's next, a stick to bite down on?

I didn't see our Oncologist today, I missed him. Hopefully tomorrow. More updates tomorrow


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