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Friday, November 04, 2005

Cardiologist Visit Today- Heart issues

The cardiologist called today and I just got back from the meeting. My stress test and other heart tests have shown a change in my heart. I have "diminished" heart function- hopefully reverseable and due to the stress on my body from the treatments. They are going ahead with next week's round in the hospital but we aren't sure what the future will hold. Might be more tests and monitored closely for permanent damage. I am on beta blockers right now to slow down my rate and help my pressure.


  • Hey Karl! Thinking about you today & listening to some great music. Jason's on his way home from a 13 hour enduro in Virginia - he says Hi. He just bought a bunch of new CD's- I can't wait to see what he got :) We're off to ATL on Wed for another big race. We'll know more about the Texas '06 MX-5 team soon.... and that means we can see you guys!!

    Glad to hear the treatments are going as well as they are- I think your heart is telling you to have more Halloween candy :) Take it easy-

    By Blogger Juliann, at 5:56 PM  

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