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Monday, October 24, 2005

Coming Home Tomorrow PM

Dr. Wyzinski stopped Karl,s treatment this morning at 1am due to his condition. Karl made it through 10 rounds of IL2. The average person does 8 to 10. So that's good, we were hoping for 12 but he's such a trooper. He's still not able keep anything down and has an bacterial infection in his throat and mouth (thrush) which is a side effect making it hard for him to eat or swallow anything. He's on antibiotics for it and some over the counter stuff. The itching is driving him nuts again and I spent most of today rubbing anti itch cream all over his arms, hands, legs and feet. His fluid retention is going down, he's not so bloated. No more fever or chills which is a bonus. He's resting pretty well, his blood levels are up and barring and bad labs or changes he should be cleared later tomorrow to come home.


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