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Monday, October 10, 2005

9 Days out

Had a pretty good weekend. My energy is starting to come back. A couple of more days of supporting fluids. I find out Wed. if I start the next round of IL2 next week.

This round will be a little less harsh. The Doctors decided that 14 rounds of IL2 is a little too overboard. They were surprised I made it through all 14 doses. The next round should be 11 doses. The hope is that I should be close to normal in a couple days.

I am ready to keep this going. I will beat this cancer.


  • Hey celine - tried to post to karl's blog, but couldnĀ¹t sign in - please
    >pass on my message to him.
    >Hi Karl! I'm so proud that you're fighting this disease hard. You and
    >Celine are so lucky to have found each other, and I know that Anika will
    >grow strong having such wonderful role models. Never give up! They need
    >you!! Please let me know if you all need anything!!!

    By Anonymous Julie Gates, at 2:39 PM  

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