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Thursday, October 06, 2005


Dear Friends and Family:
Everyone has been so kind in offering support and doing things for us. I was watching the Today Show and they had a breast Cancer survivor on saying how important her friends and family played in recovery. She also cited a study that optimism and upbeat attitude plays in recovery. Seeing we are in the second battle with Karl's Cancer and you all want to help here's what I am asking you to do. Easy commitment- Every week either by mail, phone or email send Karl something to motivate him to fight this and stay optimistic. It could be a thought for the day, a personal message, a funny joke He's been really down lately and I am worried that because he's feeling so horribly he's not keeping his promise to live strong. I have so much to do to keep the family up and things running normal as can be around here that I sometimes forget to be his coach and tell him how great he's doing.
Below is one of the articles on optimism in research.
Thanks Everyone in advance!

PS Karl also says comfort foods from Chicago would also help.

When it comes to breast cancer, does a positive attitude help? Survivors seem to think so.
University of Toronto researchers, who recently published their results in Psycho-Oncology, interviewed 300 women who had been cancer-free for at least two years. They asked the women what they think caused the disease and what they've done to prevent its return. More than 40% of the women blamed stress for the disease's onset over scientifically linked factors such as genetics and environment. The study also showed 60% believe a positive attitude has kept them healthy.
"We were surprised," says lead researcher Donna Stewart, M.D., the women's health chair at the University Health Network. "We had no idea positive attitude was going to be as high as it turned out to be."


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