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Friday, October 21, 2005

103 And A Rough Night

Karl had a very rough night no thanks to the renal consult who we believe is a sadist. He STUPIDLY tried to take away the orders for demerol and ibuprofen. The nurses disagreed on the demerol and we are fighting about the ibuprofen. He's totally out of touch with his treatment and there is no reason for him not to get the pain and fever minimizers he needs. So last night when he spiked to 103 they couldn't give him any more tylenol because they needed it for the 1am IL2- so he had a cooling blanket put on him. Nice eh? He had a rough night last night and is sleeping this morning. Still no doctors in yet so hopefully I will be here to discuss the change. Sometimes I think it's a too many cooks in the kitchen kind of thing happening.


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