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Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday Update

Update for the evening. Karl is faring ok, he hit 104.3 late this afternoon. He is leaking a little out of his veins, not too much to worry. He still can't keep food down but is taking liquid food supplements and they are staying in him so far. He just sleeping a lot and awake for short bursts to complain about being cold or hot, etc. The nurses all think he's sooo sweet and feel so horrible for him (he's being taking care of really well) Talked to the Chemo nurse, Dr Wyzinski ordered Karl to go to 12 doses which puts him home on Tues or Wed depending on how bad he gets. The next round is already scheduled and has a bed for Nov 7th .
Good news, I got clearance to be with Karl during non visiting hours today by Ken the administrator. Thank goodness! Mother is coming in tonight and Anika is off at her buddy Kylie's house this afternoon and tonight going to her other friend Michayla for her FIRST sleep over! So I am working at the hospital with client deadlines today and next week. At least I can be here with him all afternoon and this evening.
No more ibuprofen. Karl is stuck with the Tylenol and demerol only. He's having a hard time eating and is throwing up whatever he eats or drink. It seems to be coinciding with the shakes and then fever. They had to put a catheter in him today because he is BLOATED like a balloon and can't pee. Well, at least he made it two days without. He's hanging in there as much as possible, trying to make the best of it.
So far it's been 5 doses, if all goes well he'll be done with the treatments Sunday 1am if we do ten.


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