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Friday, November 04, 2005

Scans came back good but not fabulous

Scans came back, the treatments are working well. Radiologist said that he hasn't seen such good shrinkage in size for someone only doing two treatments.
The big lymph node with cancer in my trachea is gone. The other two are still there but they have shrank - on a scale of 1-25 1 being the best, they started as 10s and are now down to 6.
The lymph nodes in my groin with cancer and lower back are gone.
There were some on my back at the original site and in my neck that are "suspect" they range in size from 1-4. They are still there but in my muscle mass so if they don't go away, radiation will work on them.

Going in on Monday for the next round, Dr. Wyzinski says only 10 doses in light of the upcoming vacation to the Caribbean.


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