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Monday, December 12, 2005

Karl is Home!

This pm Karl was let out of his hospital bed. He was so happy to get home and get the "hospital" smell off him. He's bloated like a balloon right now as a week of infusion -supporting fluids, lasiks(sp?) are ahead of him. His throat sores and mouth sores are tolerable but his toungue is swollen and he can barely talk.. he sounds like one does when they get their teeth worked on and one's mouth is numb. He skin is already flaking off everywhere and we have the anti itch and oatmeal baths ready. Nothing a good loofa can't get rid of. The troubling thing is from his last treatment his scratching wounds on his arms, feet and legs still haven't healed completely and he has to go to a dermatologist to get some steriods which he can't take until he's 7 days out from treatment.

Seeing Dr. Wyzinski, his oncologist tomorrow.. game plan is to get more scans to see what's going on and to plan our next attack.


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