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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wednesday Update

Well, my mom's flight got cancelled this morning so she is hopefully going to by flying in tomorrow morning. Anika's school closed early today, 3:30 which didn't affect us, that's when she usually comes home.

Karl had a rough night, his nurse was not aware of his treatment, clueless, didn't wake him up to give him demerol, tylenol or anything. Karl woke up around 4am with major convulsing shakes, he said it took her forever to get in and then she didn't know what to do! He was really uncomfortable spiking 104. He talked to our oncologist this morning and he wrote orders for demerol and tylenol and benedryl around the clock- at specific times so this doesn't happen again. If she's on tonight, I am going to talk to her and make sure she gets it if not we will be asking for a new overnight nurse. He's still doing ok, 104 fever but the cooling blanket and fan seem to be helping him.

He has a lump under his right arm, it showed up around beginning of Nov. Surgeon and doctor don't think it's cancer, not on a lymph node. Surgeon thinks it's a cyst or infected gland. So Karl is going down to surgery tomorrow morning to have it cut out- quick local and take it out. Surgeon and Oncologist think he should be fine having the surgery during treatment.

Anyways, I am going to try to go in tonight depending on the road conditions.


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