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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thursday Update

Well, Karl is feeling more comfortable if you can call it that. They have him on around the clock demerol, benedryl and tylenol. It's helping. He had the lump under his arm removed pretty quickly today. Surgeon said it didn't look like melanoma, Oncologist is taking the "wait until the biopsy comes back" approach.

It looks like he is going to go for the 14 rounds this time. Karl is starting to develop the thrush again making it really hard to drink or eat anything. He's also starting to itch everywhere and we have the lotion for it. So far no catheter on either end, but Karl was feeling like he's losing control of his functions and wants it put in soon.

So it looks like he could be out on Sunday or Monday if he makes it to the 14 rounds. He's trying to stay positive and keep going.


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