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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Lumps of Melanoma for Christmas

Karl found another lump in his arm last Friday and then another cropped up yesterday. Oncologist of course wants them removed- again they are the size of peas, under the skin, hopefully a quick procedure. BUT it looks like the procedure will be this week and Karl will be going in for his next roundin the hospital on the 26th. Oncologist also thinks he needs to do the treatments of IL-2 closer together 2 rounds within 6-9 days and then a longer break. Oncologist is also not leading on to the seriousness of finding this lumps so frequently together, he wants scans done after this next round and then we will talk. The unknown is scary and Karl is doing a great job of staying posititive- he opted to go in next week and wants to be as aggressive as possible.


  • The unknown is so scary for all of us. I am impressed with the continued positive attitude of your family. No matter what anyone says, that attitude will carry you further than you can imagine.
    Good luck tomorrow, will be thinking of you all...

    By Anonymous Pamela W., at 4:47 PM  

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