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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Still no treatment

Karl is sitting in the ICU waiting. Waiting because his heart test came back at 37% which the arrogant stand in Oncologist will not allow him to start treatment until his heart is at 45%. Cardiologist will be in tomorrow to check out things. SOO Karl might stay in and get his heart capacity back up or come home. We are both very disappointed because there is no uniform treatment method and too many cooks in the kitchen. Why wasn't this test done every time? Why would one doctor, his doctor clear him while the other won't budge? We were told it's imperative for him to have 6-9 days between treatments or they aren't worth doing. So he's now out 6-9 days. We were told 14 doses was the magic number but if his heart can't take it why aren't we doing less? We were told the melanoma lumps that were taken out recent was because the doses aren't close enough together. So what' the answer.


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