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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wounds healing..more lumps

The wound doctor was impressed with Karl's healing ability, his wounds are on the way to recovery. Another two weeks of dressing changes and we will go back for a follow up visit.
Karl's insurance cleared him for scans and it looks like some will be this week and next week. The MRI machine is broken- a cleaning person went into the room with a floor buffer which stuck immeadiately to the machine. This week they had to take out the magnets, get the floor buffer off the machine, and re calibrate so things are backed up. So Karl is going to another location tomorrow to get his MRI done, hopefully we will get a clean bill so he can start driving again. The rest of the scans will be this week and early next week.
On a side note we found some more sub skin, size of a pea melanoma spots. One on his left thigh, one on his lower left rib area and one on his left arm at a spot we took out last November. So I am thinking he will have more surgery for those soon. We don't want then to get bigger and cause more surgical complications. Let's all pray his scans don't show anything new happening.


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