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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Chemo starts today

Well, Karl was surprised to find out he starts chemotherapy today. DTIC 2 weeks 5 days a week and then 2 weeks off to "heal". I think Karl would like a week off before starting, it's kind of a grieving time for him over the loss of appetite and taste, which he needs before starting (or a good meal out of his favorite food). He's been really dizzy and light headed this past weekend and he mentioned something to the nurses, they said it's from the radiation and his brain is swelling a little from it- he's on steriods to control the swelling and they make him look like a chipmunk.

Here's a link for details on the DTIC http://www.chemocare.com/bio/dtic.asp
He's been on this before, the first year he was diagnosed with Cancer so we know what to expect. I think he's also starting the interferon in shot form at home for the rest of the year.


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