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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Karl's Bacterial Infection-Surgery Tomorrow

Well, this has happened before but not to the extent that Karl had to get his Medi Port removed. His bacterial infection-Staph was from his port and so they are going to take it out immeadiately and he will have a PICC line in his arm. The PICC will be temporary so he doesn't have to delay his treatment. He also has to do IV antibiotics for a couple of weeks via his PICC line at home.(been there, done that). They want to do a tracheal echo cardio to make sure that his heart has not been infectected. Surgery to get the mediport out is quick and not too hard, about 20 minutes in the ER. Hopefully he will get the PICC line out in a couple of months and another mediport back in once he gets over the infections. The interferon infusions are going well, we are changing his time to 2pm so he can sleep through the 12-16hours of side effects. Dr. Wyzinski and Dr. Bierenbaum are working on getting Karl in the vaccine clinical trials at Bethesda or MD Anderson. We will keep bugging them on that matter.


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