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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

One more night...

Karl is staying over night one more night. The doctor wants to make sure his levels are all ok and blood test showed he didn't have enough anti seizure medicine in his system. Here's the other side. Looking yummy! Here's also a picture of the two patients. Anika felt good enough to have a visit and hung out to watch a movie with daddy in the room. Oh I forget, Anika didn't like that daddy's stitches on the first side were black. We jokingly told his Neurosurgeon that and the surgeon did this side in blue. Anika was there when the Neurosurgeon came for a checkup and he said to her "I heard you didn't like the color of your daddy's stitches so I put in blue" She took a good look at it and said "Didn't you have pink?" LOL!


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