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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Brain Surgery

We met with the Neurosurgeon, Dr. Tompkins today. Of note, his practice is rated the top 20 in D Magazine and he checked out ok through our normal investigation.
Karl's lesions are operable. Thank GOD! Laser surgery will take the melanoma without taking part of his brain. Neurosurgeon sees no long term damage from the operation. The worst is Karl has a very very slight chance of speech problems after.
It looks like Karl will go through two operations. His lesions are on both sides of his temporal lobe. Two are on one side on the inside of one of his brain folds. They are going to have to move his brain to zap it but not remove part of the brain to get to it. Due to the stress his brain will undergo, he's going to have the other lesion taken out a week later. The Neurosurgeon does not want him to swell too much and have a siezure. So Karl will have two scars each half moon over his ears. Neurosurgeon says the scars will be very fine, not very noticeable once they heal.
Karl will go in and spend 2 days in the hospital to recover and then come home to heal the wound. He's going to be on antisiezure medicine for a couple of months. More details on when this is going to happen, we are waiting to hear when this all is going to happen but hoping it will be in a week. Karl is on steriods to stop any swelling that might happen.


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