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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Karl came home Friday afternoon

This is a picture prior to treatment when we were waiting around in the "suite" in the ICU- only room with a full bathroom and shower.

Sorry to not post this sooner but we had a busy day on Friday. There was some complications with Karl leaving on Friday. Karl was really upset and uncomfortable as the catheter and butt tube were still in and causing pain. He also wanted to come home and was very depressed and spent the morning in tears. Dr. Wyzinski called me around 11 am to say Karl was clear to go but when my mom got to the hospital the ICU nurses said no. Due to Karl's blood pressure dropping and not coming up quickly he had to get clearance from his cardiologist. So my mom came home, we called Dr. Wyzinski again and Karl was clear to go by 2pm. He's home, doing better. He has 20+ pounds of water in his body with no place to go and making it hard for him to sleep and breathe. His skin is peeling every place.. even not so nice places if you know what I mean. One of the ICU nurses recommended lotion from Wal-mart that's all natural and contains vitamin E. Really great stuff it's working well. His mouth sores are not as bad as last time- in anticipation we started him early on the miracle mouthwash and diflucan. So he's taking down soft foods and soup. He was hallucinating the first day home .. funny one for the books. To our surprise he walked out to the living room and asked for ant spray. After I got him to sit down (he wasn't suppose to be walking around without supervision) he said there were ants crawling all over the bed and mattress. For those in TX that could happen, especially in winter with a drought. So I ran in and checked the bed, mattress, under the featherbed etc. NOTHING. Total hallucination. Poor Anika was freaked out and I had to take her in and show her that there were no ants.

She's doing ok this round, has decided to be daddy's and mommy's helper. She brings daddy his juice, water and medicine in bed and tells him to "swish and swallow" his mouth medicine. She also helpled me put lotion on daddy the other night. She put half a jar of the vitamin E stuff on one leg and butt cheek. It was really funny at the time, Karl was so coated in lotion thanks to Anika! we all had a good laugh. Karl starts infusion tomorrow and we should know more this week. He will have his scans, MRI, Brain, Bone, PET, CAT and depending on how they turn out another 2 more visits to the ICU for IL-2 and we will be done or he will have more than 2 visits.
Probably next one will be in February some time.


  • Karl's gonna love reading all this one day...I'm glad there were no ants!! very glad to hear he is home...continue to keep us posted...

    By Blogger LisaK, at 7:47 PM  

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