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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Holding at 10 doses

Well Karl's blood pressure dropped and they gave him the night to recover. Guess why? the evil on call oncologist was not willing to start him up again so we ended up calling Karl's cardiologist who gave him the green light to continue after his pressure went to 90.On call oncologist pushed his decision until today when Karl's normal doctor is back. I also found out from the ICU nurses that they are mass writing the on call oncologist up to the hospital. HA! Karl is waiting and ready to get another dose, we are waiting for Dr. Wyzinski to get here and let him start up again. He had some breakfast and has been faring pretty well this round, catheter is in and we are close to getting the butt tube put in. He's not having a lot of edema this time around which is good. The only uncomfortable part is his skin, sores and major rashes everywhere that are uncomfortable, bleeding and itching thus the bleeding. 4 more to go! maybe he will be home on Friday.


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