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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Karl Home waiting on scans

Sorry to not have posted anything recently, Karl is home, telecommuting to work and having numerous doctor's visits. Please pray for him as he has scans tomorrow and Thursday. The PET scan hasn't been approved, but he will probably have it next week. They have to do a case after having the CAT to justify the PET. Depending on how his scans turn out will determine the rest of his treatment. He is slated for the next IL-2 round at Presby to happen some time in February. We won't know exact dates until he sees the Oncologist. If scans come back clear the next two doses will be "maintenance" and he will be done. If not, we keep going!

Letters of complaint about the doctor on call went to the center and Presby Plano. Waiting to see what will be done so far we have had a lot of apologies but no sign of action steps. We know that Presby Plano sent a letter of complaint about the doctor to the Oncology center and they are taking things "very seriously" whatever that means.

Karl is working on gaining weight as he's under 200 and we would like some weight back on him before the next round. He's going to the neurologist for possible sleep apnea issues- thank his mom & dad for that one as they smoked through his childhood raising his risk of this type of disorder. He also has to have some thyroid tests done as his levels were high- could have just been the IL-2 doing it but we have to make sure.


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