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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Scan updates

Karl still hasn't had his PET scan, this week. We talked to Dr. Wyzinski and Karl is not doing IL-2 for another couple of weeks. Karl's CAT scan showed 3 small 3mm spots on his brain on his frontal lobe. If you go from your eyebrown up to your hairline, that's where they are. So Karl has to have them removed, we are seeing a surgeon on the 2nd and hoping this will happen next week. Karl is on steriods to keep the swelling down and he can't drive. Not so great for me. After surgery, he will have full brain radiation for three weeks. The we start IL2 again.
More details to come after we see the surgeon.

On the plus side, all the other spots of melanom except two on his trachea are gone. The trachea ones have not grown or shrunk so we are grateful for that. I was hoping he would be cancer free but not yet.


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