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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Brain Surgery Feb 13th

Well, Karl is scheduled for 7:30 am on Feb 13th and 20th for his surgeries. He has to be there at 5:30am UGH! That's going to be fun. Luckily mom is coming out for first surgery, we haven't booked tickets for second yet. His surgery will be at Plano Medical Center which is like 15 miles at the most from our house. Surgery could be anywhere from 2-4hrs long. Major risks are that he can bleed out from the melanoma causing pressure on his brain and thus a siezure. Other major risk is that his brain will swell too much and cause siezures. Thus he will be in the ICU for the first day and depending on how well he wakes up, will be down in a regular room on Tuesday. Hopefully coming home on Wed am to heal. The Neurosurgeon said he won't feel to good for the first couple of days but should be fine after that. He might have some short term memory loss- not remember things from the last couple of days. He will have a full head bandage on and we are coming up with all sorts of designs for it from Anika stickering it up to and "easter bonnet" for him. I know it sounds demented but humor is good medicine for Karl. Speaking of that for all of you that he told they were cutting completely around his skull and taking off the top of his skull- he was joking.


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