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Monday, April 03, 2006

No stitches out yet

Well, Karl went to the surgeon today and the stitches on his arm and back will be in for another nine days. They are still closing up and draining. Karl is frustrated because they are getting uncomfortable and he was ready to have them out. He will be on two antibiotics to help speed the process and take away some of the soreness, the wounds were starting to look like they were turning out bad. He's been really down since last week. He's not been feeling himself, low energy and just out of sorts. I can tell because his right eye droops when he's not feeling well or is stressed. Karl spent the entire weekend sleeping and in the house when he wanted to be out and doing things which made him even more upset. Hopefully Anika and I can find something to cheer him up this week! Last week of interferon and we think he might get a week off before he starts chemo. I am just HAPPY that March is over and we are not doing ANY more surgeries at least for another month or two! Hurrah! Radiation on his arm won't start until he gets the staples out.


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