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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Infusion and therapy

Well, we are on week 2 of interferon infusion. Karl is seeing the surgeon on Monday for some arm scar tissue that is irritating on his arm- no pain just knowing it's there and visually it looks like a lump pushing out of his arm. Oncologist don't think it's more melanoma, it's on the spot where a small spot was taken out benign and they just this there's scar tissue. But we want to take it out to make sure.
Karl will get mapped for brain radiation tomorrow and I think will start either later this week or next week.
So far he's doing really good on the Temedar and Thalidomide with the Interferon. He's just a little tired but has been able to work through the fatigue.
I am counting down the weeks to no antiseizure meds. He can't drive while on them so I am chauffering him every day to and from the center and to doctor's appts. while trying to work and get Anika to and from school at a decent hour. We already are worried the school will charge us more because I have missed some of the 3:30 pick up time.


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