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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

surgery went well

Karl made it through surgery. The big alien lump on his left arm was bad, it made it into his muscle a little bit. Not enough to limit his mobility on his arm but enough to have a nice dent in his skin. It was "huge" as Dr. Beistch commented to me. Soo Karl will be in pain and uncomfortable for a couple of days. The other spots were a piece of cake. Dr. Beistch said on visual only that they all were definitely melanoma but he had them sent for biopsies. Well, at least we have less to deal with now. On other good news, Karl's body is producing white and red blood cells on its own so he hasn't had to suffer through the joint pain of the Nuepogen shots every week. That's a good sign that his body is responding to treatment. He starts radiation on his head tomorrow.


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