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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Melanoma Walk

Friends, Coworkers and Family:

This year, I have decided to make a very special commitment. Not to one special someone but this commitment will be meaningful for so many people beyond myself. On May 13th, I, Celine and Anika will be walking in The Schlip Miles for Melanoma Walk. This walk will be much more than “just a walk” – it will be raising money to support Melanoma Cancer Research and Awareness.
For those in Dallas, if you want to support us and walk with us, let Celine know or you can let me
do the walking... all you need to do is visit www.TheSchlip.com and make an online donation. Or, make a check payable to: JASMCF and mail to me.

You may know someone who has been affected by Melanoma Cancer and I would be proud to walk in their honor, as well. Melanoma is the fastest growing cancer in the United States and worldwide. There is no effective medical therapy for metastatic Melanoma. And, there have been no significant advances in treatment in over 30 years. I’m taking on this challenge to do something big that will help raise awareness and help in finding a cure.



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