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Friday, April 07, 2006

Wound Issues

Wednesday night, Karl's wound on his arm lost some staples and was gaping open to his muscle! he has some tunneling- meaning it closed up on the skin level but not healed inside enough causing bacteria to get caught and potential infection. We had this similar problem last year with his leg wound but the leg wound was a lot worse and landed him in the hospital for 3 weeks. We called the surgeon, say him yesterday and Karl is going to a wound specialist next tuesday. The surgeon doesn't see the wound healing properly due to his medications and treatment. Oncologist might want to stop all treatment until his arm wounds heal, we will know more later today.

We also found out that Karl is going for blood matching to hopefully get into the vaccine clinical trial at Baylor Med here in Dallas. They will only take those with the "right blood" meaning general population. Let's all pray Karl matches one of the more popular groups!


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