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Friday, April 21, 2006


Neurosurgeon has cleared Karl to drive when needed. Since he hasn't had a seizure and his brain isn't swollen anymore, he's ok to drive. YEAH! I think Karl is overjoyed also as he hates taking the Cancer Bus and misses driving his SAAB. I know I will miss driving the SAAB ;-)

Neurosurgeon detected two .04 mm spots on the top of his brain...he says they were probably there before and just too small to detect. They are on the top (literally of his brain), not in the non operable depths of the brain and easily operable. So we don't know what the future holds.. more brain surgery or if they are going to take a "wait and see if they grow" attitude and give hime more spot radiation. Neuro and Onco are going to talk about it and we will probably know more next week.

This doesn't hold well for the scans next week, we are anticipating that the battle goes on!


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