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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Chemo Under Way.. Hope For Clinical Trials

Neurosurgeon and Oncologist concur that the two new spots on Karl's brain are too small to operate on and radiation should take care of things. Karl started chemotherapy on Monday. He will have three days this being his last, two week of supporting fluids. He also is doing shots at home of interferon 3x a week. So far the chemo hasn't kicked him yet, he actually had a craving for Arby's last night and I had to run out and get him a second dinner. He's not very tired but a little drained from it. The Nausea was the worst, the nurses got him some emend which works miracles for him.
The interferon he sleeps through most of the side effects- high fever and aches- which also can be managed with aspirin and Aleve. His hair is officially gone due to radiation which is great, no more shaving the head twice a week. His wounds are closing, we only have one tunnel left instead of three.
On the clinical trials, Karl is trying to get in to get blood testing/genetic testing for two. So far we haven't been able to talk to either doctors in charge of the trails but the Oncology center is helping out. One clinical trial is for a melanoma vaccine. The other is for a specialized vaccine based on Karl's melanoma in his body. Hopefully we can get into one or the other because they are here in Dallas- no travel. If we don't we will start looking at NIH in MD.


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