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Monday, May 15, 2006

Karl Didn't Go home, Hospital for this week

Karl's counts have not gone up enough to allow him to come home. Oncologist thinks it's still the chemo drugs causing this. Karl also has been running a low grade fever, infectious disease doctor is worried about infection. Karl had numbness and inability to move his left arm and leg on Sat and was really out of it, doctor's don't know what caused it but are quick to give him a CAT and MRI. The CAT showed nothing except some brain swelling. Oncologist does not think Karl has any more brain tumors, he thinks it's just the drugs. Yesterday Karl had regained his arm and leg control with his hand gripping a little week. I will have updates later today.

Update on the MRI- nothing new except it looks like Karl is bleeding into his brain in the sites where he had the melanoma removed which could be causing the problems with his left side. His neurosurgeon does not believe he needs to do surgery and that they can control the bleeding with medication. This sometimes happens when the blood counts drop so low. Oncologist hasn't been in yet to check on Karl, we think nothing will change until his counts start to go up, it looks like another week in the hospital for him! They are sending a physical therapist to help him with his left arm which isn't getting any better.


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