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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A new day...

Karl is doing well, resting and walking with the PT's around the floor. I complained today to the nurse manager about the Nurse's behavior and she is going to have a talk with everyone about sensitivity levels with what they are addressing with family and patients and agreed that it was done in the wrong way. We are still trying to get the bottom of the "who and why was there a DNR"
Karl is feeling better, spirits are up also because the infectious disease doctor deemed him "clear of staph" and he's not going to do the transesophogeal EKG because Karl's heart is working fine. Also the respiratory doc is not going to do a scope of his lungs and vocal cords because Karl's voice is back- he thinks it was thrush from the chemotherapy and Karl's chest scans showed his lungs and bronchial clear and strong.
So Karl needs positive energy and thoughts to get his counts up so he can come home soon.


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