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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Karl Update--Need your help

Karl is doing better, his counts are coming up and he's ready to come home but the doctors haven't cleared him yet. Some of the suspect melanoma appears to be abscesses that have to be drained. We did however get a scan update-given the PET will be done when he gets out of the hospital. No NEW melanoma to report, he still has some spots on his arms, in his arm lymph nodes a 2cm sausage spot on his back by his original site, some neck spots and the spot on his femur bone. No one seems to be able to give us a positive answer on his brain- because he's had so much going on the report reads like there's nothing new but we are waiting for the experts opinion on it. When Karl gets out he will continue the arm radiation and start back radiation. We are looking at clinical trails for the fall- karl wants to do chemotherapy and radiation for a couple more months before opting for clinical trails.
What Karl needs right now from everyone out there is to know that he needs to keep fighting and that there are people out there supporting him and sending him positive energy. Not all of you know but his mother and father have chosen not to participate in supporting him in his fight with Cancer. So we rely on our other family and friends to fill in those spaces.
This is what I need everyone to do and keep doing: During the day when you find yourself thinking about him, send an email to 2146810172@vtext.com. It's free! It can be simple like, "keep the fight" or "thinking of you" etc.
If you want to use your txt messaging on your phone you can also send it to his cell number 214-681-0172.

Thanks... the little things are the most powerful!


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