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Friday, June 30, 2006

Karl update

Karl might have another staph infection- he spiked a 104 temp today and they did a culture on his blood and it came back with staph. He had an EKG today to make sure his heart is not affected (no news on the results) and they continued to push antibiotics by IV. He also got a blood transfusion today.
He's tired and spent most of the day sleeping. His blood counts are low but not septic. He will try to continue his chemo in the hospital and got his interferon tonight. No news on when he will be home, but I am sure he will be in the hospital for the 4th. They will probably take out the medi port and put in a PICC line. Karl hates the PICC Line but he's got no choice in the matter. At least it will be temporary...we hope.


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