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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Karl in the Hospital

Karl was admitted to Presbyterian Plano this morning with brain edema. His follow up MRI showed that he has some brain swelling and bleeding. He is also showing outward signs of this with short term memory loss, loss of balance and paralysis of the left side of his face.
Besides that the steriods and chemotherapy are making him very depressed and withdrawn from daily life to the point that he had stopped eating and had to be cajoled to even get some protien shakes down.
The MRI did NOT show any Cancer- Yeah!
The neurosurgeon and neurologist are being called to unsolve the mystery and we should have more details and hopefully a solution in the next couple of days.

He is in the same room at Presby that he stayed in last time, 679. He can be reached at 972-981-2679

Please keep him in your prayers and give hime a call to brighten his spirits!


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