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Friday, June 16, 2006

Karl Doing Chemo in the Hospital- Docs Still Exploring

Well, Doctors are not sure which medication is causing the brain swelling.. Radiologist says it's from the radiation and recommends staying on the anti seizure and steriods a little longer...Neurologist thinks it's a matter of getting the right steriod/seizure combo and that Karl might have too much anti seizure. So they are playing with the medications to see if they can get a better result for Karl. He's slurring his words, short term memory loss, exhaustion but no other major maladies. No more tumors in the brain!
On a side note, Karl has been having very bad lower back pain, Oncologist called in an orthopedic and it appears to not be spine related but muscle related. See Karl has had a lot of melonoma tumors taken off his lower back and side and it's messed up his back muscles and they are looking at taking care of that while he's in the hospital with some minor surgery.
So no sign of Karl coming home anytime soon- Father's day in the hospital, hopefully he will be home for the 4th!


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