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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Karl update

Karl was doing better on Sunday with the strong dose of morphine out of his system. He however developed mouth sores from the chemotherapy. He had a platelet and blood transfusion on Sunday to boost his blood counts- that's working well as his counts are up. They haven't done the transesophogeal heart scan yet, his counts are still too low. He also accidentally had his main line come out- the bandages holding it in place were lose yesterday and I told him to say something to the nurse. He must have moved his arm to quickly or stretched it and pulled it out. The nurse tried to tell me he was "disoriented". I told her no, the line was lose when I left two hours ago and had Karl told her to check on it? And Karl was busy working on his computer and gossiping with me - meaning he's been very coherent. She shut up and said something to the fact that it could have come out. So they put a PICC line in him last night which took 2 hours! He had no pain medicine for his back or wound from the mediport removal and hadn't eaten dinner but was being a real trooper anyways. Anika and I were there and had to leave so I called him later and he was eating pudding and going to sleep having gotten his pain medicine. Doctor says maybe later this week he can come home.


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