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Sunday, July 16, 2006

All the NERVE!

We have been experiencing some very strong negativity from the nurses on Karl's floor in the hospital. Last Saturday they approached me about Karl's wishes to be revived if he codes... I said to the nurse... "do you think he will code today?" She said to me, "Well he is stage 4 and you know that cancer patients can look fine one day and die the next, I don't think you are prepared for that" NICE eh? Then she continued to tell me that "WE are not well aware of how bad Karl is and that WE need to prepare for the worst" WHAT! Well, WE are well aware of the situation and well informed on how Karl is doing and if he was anywhere near the point of saying goodbye I don't think the nurse would be the one saying it. I was taken back by this as I thought that we wouldn't encounter this from NURSES of all people. It just made Karl really mad. On top of it we found out ONE of the nurses got Dr. Wyzinski to put a DNR in Karl's file. Karl NEVER asked for a DNR and when we found out today he was enraged and I am ready to sue the hospital. What if he had coded? Let's be honest here, Karl is still fighting, has no intentions of giving up and has a lot of options ahead of him for treatment. By the way, his white counts are coming up and his reds are good....He was so infuriated about the DNR that he yelled and got really upset. His nurse today asked me the same thing, "doesn't he know how bad he is???" " why bother with the DNR". WHAT THE HELL! I told her that part of coping and surviving is a positive outlook and we don't need any of the "end of life" talk floating around him right now and to get Dr. Wyzinski or whoever to take that sticker off his chart and the DNR out of it right NOW.
Dr Wyzinski told us that one of the night nurses said Karl requested it (which is BS...I would support any decision Karl made and that was not one he would have made without telling me) The nurse said Dr. Wyzinski said Karl requested it... We didn't give a shit, Karl wanted it taken out of his chart.
Just because you have stage 4 doesn't mean you will die. Karl intends to do a lot more living and fighting the disease, not preparing for the supposed "end of his life"
I guess we were too upbeat, positive and joking about his visit to the hospital for the nurses and they felt the necessity to "kick in a dose of reality" on the situation. (sarcasm)I guess I should play the role of grieving distraught young wife with child for them now on so they leave us alone (end sarcasm).
Secondly those BITCHES will not take out his foley catheter. Every time the doctor comes in and orders it taken out they complain and it stays in. The man can and has gotten out of bed to go#2 in the bathroom, he can pee in the urinal cup. They just don't want to deal with it and I have asked repeatedly to get it out. (Karl is eating, drinking and sleeping fine without assistance he doesn't need to be on it) The pulmonologist also took him off the pulse ox and oxygen saying he didn't need it and why was he on it---NURSES.
Can you tell I am very frustrated today? Karl is feeling alot better and requested pizza for dinner tonight.


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