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Friday, September 29, 2006

Karl hanging in there

Karl's shingles are getting more attention and better. He's doing PT twice a day but still has limited use of his left side. Doctors are not sure if it will be perminent or just temporary. He's stay in room 683 and Presby Plano for this week and part of next but will be discharged and sent to either PT unit, short term unit or long term care or home care. We are pushing for the PT so he can work on getting his muscle coordination and strength back and get more attention.

I am putting out a call to local friends and local readers for some help, I really need visitors for Karl at the hospital so I can get a break and focus on some quality time with Anika. Even if you can come for an hour, that would be great. Just sit with him or watch tv/movie or hang out. If you can help him snack and drink water while you are there that would be great also.

I am continuing to coordinate with the Oncologist on clinical trials in the US and we hope to have something soon!


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